Cancer Management

Adult cancer care in the CESPHN region is provided across two local health districts, Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD), and one health network, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney (SVHS), encompassing nine cancer centers supported by 73 multi-disciplinary teams and community palliative care services.

It is key priorities for CESPHN to: improve cancer outcomes, improve the quality of life for people with cancer and enhance the experiences for people with cancer. CESPHN’s work in the cancer management space is focused on supporting the delivery of coordinated patient-centered care and enhancing integration across the primary, community and acute care settings.

For more information on cancer management at CESPHN please contact the Cancer Management Project Officer, Rebecca Baiada 

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Shared Cancer Care 

Patients with cancer are faced with complex decisions and care treatment across different settings. Lack of involvement in the cancer care system by primary providers leads to poor care coordination for patients with cancer. Poor care coordination is a significant contributor to poor patient outcomes, including a high proportion of palliative related hospitalizations.

Shared cancer care enhances integration of the care system, service navigation and allows for General Practice to effectively support the needs of their patients with timely access to specialist cancer expertise.

Cancer Australia has developed the following Principles of Shared Care

  • Patient-centred
  • Coordination, communication and continuity of care
  • Support for primary care providers
  • Support for specialist treatment team
  • Care is delivered according to best practice standards

CESPHN has developed a shared care model, GPCanShare, that involves joint responsibility of patient care between both primary and acute care providers. A cancer phone line is also now available to provide GPs and practice nurses with timely cancer advice and information on local cancer services.


GPCanShare is a collaboration between Central and Eastern Sydney PHN, Sydney Local Health District, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and St Vincent’s Hospital with the aim of enhancing cancer management in primary care.

The project will assist General Practices, community cancer services and specialist cancer services to work together in providing care for patients with cancer and improve their experience of the cancer system.

Integrated Nurse Coordinators will facilitate seamless coordination of care for patients and liaise between the patient’s cancer specialist team and their General Practitioner. GPs will be provided regular updates on all aspects of their patient’s care via their preferred communication method, including clinical and supportive care.

Additionally, the nurse coordinator will encourage patients to see their GP when required regarding problems that can be managed in the GP setting.

All patients with cancer attending the below cancer centres have the option of having their care provided collaboratively by a recognised GP and the hospital-based services:

  • The Kinghorn Cancer Centre
  • Concord Repatriation General Hospital
  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Sydney Local Health District cancer facilities
  • St George and Sutherland Hospital
  • Prince of Wales Hospital

GPs and practice nurses wanting to be linked to a GPCanShare nurse coordinator at one of the hospitals listed above, please call the GP Cancer Support Line on 1800 475 463.

GP Cancer Support Line

The GP Cancer Support Line  provides information on cancer services within South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Sydney Local Health District and St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and general clinical advice on cancer related care such as management of symptoms, psychosocial care, survivorship care and palliative care. The support line is also an important resource for GPs seeking assistance with rapid access for urgent presentations.

The line is in operation from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday including public holidays.

The GP Cancer Support Line is also  an access point for GPs wanting to link their patients into GPCanShare.

To access cancer related support, call Simone Ray (St. Vincent’s cancer nurse specialist) on 1800 GP LINE (1800 475 463).

Useful Contacts for GPCanShare






Rebecca Baiada

Cancer Management Project Officer


Elena Whippy

Cancer Connected Care Coordinator


Kim Rigg

Cancer Systems Innovations Manager CINSW.


Heidi Alfred

Integrated Care Coordinator - St George


Cassandra Golding

Integrated Care Coordinator - St George


Emily Mackinlay

Integrated Care Coordinator – Prince of Wales Hospital


Susan Stapleton Haematology/BMT Integrated Care Coordinator The Kinghorn Cancer Centre
Mary Hayes Integrated Care Coordinator The Kinghorn Cancer Centre
Donna Lokeni Integrated Care Coordinator SLHD Cancer Services
Kristyn Schilling Integrated Care Coordinator SLHD Cancer Services
Abby Haslehurst Senior Consultant (External program evaluator) Siggins Miller


Resources for General Practice



If a patient is suspected of having a diagnosis of cancer, Canrefer can be used by General Practitioners to find the most appropriate specialist to refer to dependent on cancer type. Canrefer also provides GPs with information on recommended cancer centres that specialise in treating complex cancers. Visit their website at




EviQ is a free resource to aid health professionals in the delivery of cancer treatments. Information fact sheets to assist GPs can be found here:
Multidisciplinary Care (MDC)


Multidisciplinary care (MDC) Is considered best practice In the treatment planning and care for patients with cancer. MDC Involves all relevant health professionals discussing options and making joint decisions about treatment and supportive care plans. Visit