What is the Family Referral Service and how can it provide assistance to patients experiencing difficulties

The Family Referral Service (FRS) brings together families, support services and community resources so that children and young people are safe and well. They work with all services to find out what best supports young people and families and their children, and what can be done to improve community resources.

The service can provide assistance and referral for a young person or a family with children in regards to:

  • domestic violence experiences
  • housing or accommodation access
  • financial assistance
  • counselling and mediation
  • parenting struggles
  • mental health concerns; and
  • finding culturally appropriate support.

Referrals can be made directly by a young person, a family with children, or an extended family member as well as services/organisations that work with young people and families with children.

Visit the South Eastern and Northern Sydney FRS website or call 1800 066 757.