Overcoming road blocks in treatment

Do your clients struggle to make behavioural changes? Despite our best intentions, at times it is hard to help our clients overcome barriers to making changes that will ultimately improve their health.

During June 2016, Central and Eastern Sydney Allied Health Network hosted two breakfast seminars on ‘Overcoming Roadblocks in Treatment’, specifically for allied health professionals. These interactive educational sessions, led by Dr Monica Moore, focused on building AHPs skills in motivational interviewing. Motivational interviewing can be viewed as ‘…a particular kind of conversation about change, which is collaborative and seeks to call forth the person’s own motivation and commitment’.

Attendees built their skills in asking the right questions; sharing the right reflections, affirmations and summaries; listening to and understanding our client’s motivations in a way that allows the individual to take the lead in making plans to address their health concerns. By recognising our clients require solutions tailored to their individual needs – not a one-size-fits-all approach - they are more likely to make long-term, sustainable changes.

Some attendees already employ motivational interviewing in their daily practice, while for others this was a completely novel approach. Dr Moore provided practical, step-by-step techniques for motivational interviewing, able to be drawn upon by all.

The workshops were also great chance to network with other like-minded allied health professionals across central and eastern Sydney. It was encouraging to see AHPs from multiple disciplines committed to improving health outcomes for our community.

Thank you to Central and Eastern Sydney Allied Health Network for facilitating these workshops, the first of (I hope) many breakfast seminars applicable to the needs of the growing number of allied health professionals in our primary health network.

Article submitted by Celeste Hankins, Accredited Practising Dietitian