New nutrition resource for health professionals

Health professionals are working in a challenging environment where they are inundated with nutrition information and often don’t have time to keep abreast of all the latest nutrition research relating to different food groups, age groups and genders.

Dairy Australia has developed a new communication program to provide health professionals with a central source of accessible, holistic and evidence-based nutrition information. Using the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines as a foundation, the Foods That Do Good program equips health professionals with accurate and practical resources to inform patients about how to help reduce their diet-related health risks through a balanced diet.

A central component of the Foods That Do Good program is its website where information and resources are available.

"Information presented via the Foods That Do Good program will not replace personalised advice from a health professional," Dairy Australia dietitian Emma Glassenbury says.

"Rather it will function as a support to assist health professionals in providing patients with timely, accurate and evidence-based nutrition information so that Australians are better equipped to make healthier dietary choices."

"While Dairy Australia curates the Foods That Do Good program," Emma says, "we’re working with health professionals, industry bodies and health organisations to ensure all information presented through the program is evidence-based and useful for health professionals."

Visit the Foods That Do Good website to find out more.