Vaccines must be protected from light

27 July 2020

NSW Health has received numerous reports of vaccines being removed from their original cardboardpackaging to increase refrigerator capacity. Immunisation providers have been advised to immediately isolate light-affected vaccines and contact their Public Health Unit.

Key messages from NSW Health:

  • Vaccines are sensitive to light:Light-exposed vaccinesmay lose potency and may not provide adequate protection against disease.
  • Vaccines must be stored in their original cardboard packaging:Vaccines must notbe removed from their original packaging to make additional space in therefrigerator.
  • Light-exposed vaccines must be reported to the Public Health Unit (PHU):Do not discard and do not use light-exposed vaccines until advised by the PHU.To reporta light-exposure breach,use the Cold Chain Breach and Vaccine Wastage reporting form.

Read the full NSW Health communicationsent to all immunisation providers.

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