FAQ regarding pneumococcal vaccine schedule change

13 July 2020

The NCIRS Pneumococcal vaccines – Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet provides responses to common questions about pneumococcal vaccines and the recent changes that have been made to pneumococcal vaccine recommendations and funded doses.

What is the recommended interval between 13vPCV and 23vPPV doses?

The recommended interval between the doses of 13vPCV and 23vPPV is 12 months. However,when 23vPPV is given after 13vPCV, as in individuals with newly diagnosed risk conditions, aminimum interval of two months is acceptable. This is to ensure that vaccination opportunities arenot missed and that extended protection provided by 23vPPV against additional serotypes is notdelayed.

When 13vPCV is given after 23vPPV, as would occur in people aged ≥65 years or in those withpre-existing risk conditions who have had previous doses of 23vPPV as part of the pre-July 2020recommendations, it is important to follow an interval of at least 12 months between the 13vPCVdose and the most recent 23vPPV dose. Thereafter if a repeat dose of 23vPPV is indicated, itneeds to be given at least two months after the 13vPCV dose and 5 years after the previous23vPPV dose, whichever is later.

Refer to NCIRS Pneumococcal vaccines – Frequently asked questions that provides answers to many other associated questions.

More detailed information about pneumococcal disease and the available pneumococcal vaccines can be found in the NCIRS fact sheet Pneumococcal vaccines for Australians.

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