Is your practice on the “GP practices with stock availability” list?

1 June 2020

If your practice has run out of Fluad Quad® you can refer patients aged 65 years and over seeking influenza vaccine to an immunisation provider with available stock: see list of GP practices with stock availability. Alternatively, patients aged 65 years and over can be offered a standard quadrivalent influenza vaccine (Afluria®, Fluarix Tetra®, FluQuadri®). See here for more information.

If your practice is not yet on the list

If your practice has excess stock oFluad Quad®

If your patients aged 65 and over have all been vaccinated against influenza, and your practice has excess stock, please contact the Immunisation Team at CESPHN to facilitate redistribution of any excess Fluad Quad®:

It is important that all available  Fluad Quad® vaccines in NSW are being administered to patients aged 65 and over, as they are at higher risk of complications from influenza infection. 

People aged 65 and over should receive the Fluad® Quad (enhanced quadrivalent vaccine) preferentially over standard quadrivalent vaccines, as the enhanced vaccine has been specially formulated to create a greater immune response amongst the elderly, who are known to have a weaker immune response to standard quadrivalent vaccines.