Updates on influenza vaccine stock and the NSW Health Survey regarding availability of influenza vaccines at your practice

27 April 2020

Practices are encouraged to visit the NSW Health webpage for the latest information and updates on influenza vaccine delivery. Vaccine distribution data will be updated twice weekly.

NSW Health is receiving a high volume of queries from members of the community relating to access to influenza vaccine. In response, NSW Health are developing an online list of practices that have sufficient influenza vaccine in stock for the various cohorts. This will enable individuals wishing to be vaccinated to contact practices directly to arrange vaccination.

If you are able to administer influenza vaccine, please complete the short survey to provide your details and list the cohorts that you have sufficient vaccine in stock for. You can notify the Ministry of Health in future at MOH-VaccReports@health.nsw.gov.au if you no longer have vaccine in stock so they can amend your cohort availability or remove your name from the online list. You can also email then after to be re-added to the list once you have additional stock.

This survey is not mandatory, if you do not wish to participate, please do not complete the survey.

If you have patients in need of urgent access to the influenza vaccine and you do not have stock, you can find a nearby immunisation provider with influenza vaccine in stock here.


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