NSW Health update regarding influenza vaccination distribution and availability of pneumococcal vaccine

 20 April 2020


Influenza vaccination distribution update

NSW Health has been working closely with the State Vaccine Centre to distribute influenza vaccines to immunisation providers across NSW. Over the last three weeks, a record 1.5 million doses have been distributed in NSW to meet current high demand for influenza vaccines in the community. It is anticipated that all pre-orders will be delivered by 20 April ahead of schedule after which deliveries of second orders will commence.

There has been in influx of calls from immunisation providers seeking an update on their influenza vaccine order. We hope this update will assist with your enquiries. Please only contact the State Vaccine Centre for urgent enquiries during the influenza season. We appreciate your patience as we work to distribute orders to ensure continued supply of influenza vaccines for eligible persons in the community.

We would also like to remind immunisation providers that the recommended timing of influenza vaccination is 3-4 months before peak influenza season, generally between June to September. Influenza vaccine deliveries in NSW have been timed to ensure that patients are vaccinated at the recommended time to ensure optimal protection during the influenza season.

Further information is available in the influenza vaccination provider toolkit and NSW Health webpage.

Pneumococcal vaccine

Due to high demand for pneumococcal vaccine orders placed from 15 April 2020, they are on back orders. Back orders will be filled when stock becomes available expected in early May.

Government funded pneumococcal vaccines should only be used for those particularly vulnerable to pneumococcal infection. These include all:

  • Young children at six weeks, four months and 12 months of age, medically at risk children should receive an additional dose at six months of age
  • Aboriginal people 15 - 49 years with underlying risk conditions associated with pneumococcal disease.
  • Aboriginal people 50 years and over
  • Older adults 65 years and over

Immunisation providers are encouraged to refer to the Immunisation Coalition’s Pneumococcal Vaccination Tool for assistance when determining administration of pneumococcal vaccines for patients.

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