FAQ - Seasonal influenza vaccination 2020

9 April 2020

Can the influenza vaccine be given to children aged from six months to less than five years of age at the same time as other immunisation program vaccines?

Yes. All influenza vaccines can be administered at the same time as other childhood recommended vaccines.
There is a small increased risk of fever following administration of pneumococcal and influenza vaccines at the same time, and separating the doses by 3 days can be considered to reduce this risk.
Please refer to the Australian Immunisation Handbook Influenza vaccine section for more details

Is a ‘milky-white’ appearance of the Fluad® Quad vaccine typical?
According to the product information for Fluad® Quad it should be gently shaken before use. After shaking, the normal appearance of Fluad® Quad is a milky-white suspension.

Can someone who has received the influenza vaccine early in the season receive an additional (booster) dose later in the year?
The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation advises that revaccination in the same year is not routinely recommended, however some people may benefit due to personal circumstances such as pregnancy or travel.

Where can I get more information about the influenza vaccine?
The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance has developed an influenza fact sheet and FAQs. The information is available at NCIRS - Influenza vaccination 2020

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