Is your practice closing temporarily? Ensure your existing vaccines are correctly monitored during a closure.

6 April 2020

Please contact the State Vaccine Centre (SVC) on 1300 656 132 if your practice opening hours have changed or your practice is no longer open since placing you last vaccine order. You should also log onto the SVC website to change your status to closed. Don’t forget to amend your status when you re-open.

If your practice is closing temporarily, there will be no one to check the twice daily minimum and maximum temperatures of your vaccine fridge therefore practices MUST ensure their datalogger is working correctly and will continue to record for the entire duration of the practice’s closure.

Things to consider with your data logger:

  • Battery status – change batteries now if there is any concern the battery may run out over the next 1-2 months.
  • Memory/space – consider if your datalogger has limits for storage capacity. Will it have enough space for the entire duration of the closure? For example:
    • LogTag dataloggers typically hold up to 16000 readings, so if set at the correct 5 minute intervals, it will last for 55 days. If your practice anticipates closing for longer, someone should attend the practice to download, check and reset the LogTag before 55 days is up. Find out how to ensure your LogTag is configured correctly
  • Make sure your datalogger is turned on before placing it back in the fridge (for manually operated data loggers)

Have you considered a Cloud Based Datalogger?

A great option would be to install a datalogger that is cloud based and automatically downloads the data continuously for you. This will also allow you to check your vaccine fridge status remotely and receive text message/email alerts if a temperature excursion should occur. They are easy to use, assist to avoid many common user errors that frequently occur with manual download style data loggers and will save you hours of staff time for downloading etc. Read more about these data loggers on our information page.

Useful resources for dataloggers that may assist you

CESPHN Data logger information sheet

LogTag – How to configure

EliTech – How to configure