New and improved “Save The Date To Vaccinate” app

20 February 2020

On time vaccination is a child’s best protection against serious diseases. Delaying vaccinations means a child will be unprotected for longer than necessary – often at an age when disease is most common or most serious.

The new and improved version of the Save The Date To Vaccinate app will help parents stay up to date with child's vaccination schedule. The app can be used to create a personalisedimmunisation schedule for the whole family, with reminder notifications for when vaccinations are due.

Key benefits of the new app:

  • One calendar view for whole family’s vaccinations 
  • Improved design and user experience
  • Personalisedimmunisation schedule
  • Vaccination notification reminders and records

Don't delay vaccination because of minor illness

child with minor illness who has a fever of less than 38.5°Ccan be vaccinated safely and effectively. It is important for immunisation providers to remindparents that timely vaccination is the best way to protect their child from serious diseases.

Free flu shots for children aged six months to under five years

All children aged six months to less than five years are also recommended to have their free annual influenza vaccination, which is available from April every year.

We encourage health practitioners to make your patients and networks aware of this vaccination reminder tool.

The free 'Save The Date To Vaccinate' app can be downloaded on Apple or Android devices here.