Accessing the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR): Update regarding delegations

10 February 2020

Delegation access

Health professionals with a Medicare provider number can now delegate their AIR access to another person, for example, a practice manager or practice nurse, to act on their behalf. This delegation is set up using the delegations function in Health Professionals Online Service (HPOS) and mirrors the process for Medicare access.

To become a delegate, an individual must have their own PRODA account and an RA number. Once set up, they can perform the same actions as the health professional to:

  • view and update individual immunisation records
  • print immunisation history statements
  • request, view or modify AIR site reports (including the 10A Due/Overdue report – by Immunisation Practice)
  • view claims submitted to the AIR
  • view payment statements and reconciliation reports.

You can find more information about AIR HPOS delegations by visiting the Services Australia website.


Anyone wishing to access the AIR will need a personal PRODA account. You can register for PRODA by going to Authentication files currently used to access AIR will be switched off by mid 2020.

Follow the instructions to create your account and link to government services.

If you already have a PRODA account you do not need to create another one. If your PRODA account is suspended due to inactivity, you need to reactivate it by following the on-screen instructions in HPOS.

To find your RA number, login to PRODA and then go to ‘Profile’.

For more information about PRODA, go to or call the support line on 1800 700 199.

For further support please contact the CESPHN Immunisation team.