ADHA have released updated statistics on MHR usage

3 February 2020

The ADHA have released updated numbers regarding My Health Record usage.

Key statistics from March 2019 to December 2019:

  • 22.68 million My Health Records (an increase of 30,000 in December)
  • 12.99 million records with information in them (an increase of 490,000 in December)
  • 1.7 billion documents in the system (100 million increase in December)
  • 49.3 million clinical documents (5.7 million increase in December)
  • 101.4 million medicine documents (9.8 million increase in December)
  • Hospitals uploaded 500,000 more documents in December than November

Professor Meredith Makeham, the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Chief Medical Officer, said “While it was not expected that all My Health Records would have documents uploaded in the first year as not everyone would see a GP or other connected healthcare provider service in that timeframe, we are now seeing significant increases in uploaded clinical documents and My Health Records with valuable clinical information.”

There have also been cases where My Health Record has been a useful source of information for pharmacists, who were then able to dispense medications to both locals and visitors trapped in the towns affected by bushfires and in turn provide patient continuity of care. 

Click here to read the full media release from the ADHA.