Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation – New tools for providers and parents with questions

4 November 2019


The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) in partnership with The University of Sydney, and with the support of collaborators, has recently launched an innovative communications system and package to aid and inspire great conversations about immunisation

The SKAI package 

The SKAI package aims to support healthcare providers in communicating confidently and effectively with all parents about immunisation.

The SKAI package includes: 

  • For parents –SKAI website for parents 
  • For providers –SKAI eLearning module available 
  • For providers – SKAI website for providers (available upon completion of the SKAI eLearning module)

The SKAI website for parents

The SKAI website for parents provides a suite of resources and information for parents and carers of babies and young children, designed to support conversations about childhood vaccination. This includes independently assessed information about vaccines included on the National Immunisation Program and answers to common questions parents ask in an accessible and easily interpreted format.

The SKAI eLearning module 

The SKAI eLearning module has been designed to help providers adapt their clinical communication skills to meet the needs of all parents, whether they are ready to vaccinate, have questions, or intend to decline vaccination altogether. The module is designed primarily for  General practitioners, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and Aboriginal health workers, as well as any primary healthcare staff who have conversations with parents about vaccination.

The eLearning module also provides an introduction to a SKAI website that has been developed specifically for providers. The module takes approximately 1–1.5 hours to complete and providers can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for their participation, depending on their profession.