ANSC August Update: RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital

Prenatal Screening – Process for Combine First Trimester Screening (cFTS)

All women, regardless of age, are eligible for the combined first trimester screening (cFTS) at RPA Women and Babies. Please ensure you complete referral process below especially for blood collection to ensure results are available at time of U/S appointment

For referral:  

  1. Complete RPAH Ultrasound Referral Form (yellow or white form) 
  2. Complete specific First Trimester Blood Collection form.
    Women can have their blood collected from 11 weeks up until 3 days prior to their ultrasound appointment. This should be collected at either RPAH or Canterbury Hospital Pathology Department (no external providers). This is to ensure results will be available at time of U/S appointment. This pathology form is also available as BP and MD templates  
  3. Provide Patient Information Sheetwhich outlines screening test procedure. 
  4. Provide relevant Patient Information Brochures cFTSNIPTCVS & Amniocentesis 
  5. Contact Fetal Medicine Unit on ph 9515 6042 or to book appointment. Women are advised to contact the service as soon as possible as appointments fill very quickly
  6. For urgent requests, please contact Clare Jordan, GP liaison midwife on 0425 230 662 
Pregnancy care for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island women

Did you know that RPA Women and Babies has a dedicated Aboriginal Liaison Midwife to assist with the antenatal care of your pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women?

The role of the Aboriginal Liaison Midwife (ALM) is to:

  • facilitates a bridge between Aboriginal women, their families and health care professionals at RPA Women and Babies
  • works in partnership with indigenous families to promote maternal and infant physical, emotional and social wellbeing throughout the pregnancy
  • provides a link to postnatal services in the catchment area.

The Aboriginal Liaison Midwife will care for any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander woman OR any woman who is currently pregnant with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander baby. If the pregnancy is high risk, the ALM will still remain involved and continue with midwifery input along with the obstetric team.

The main roles and responsibilities of the Aboriginal Liaison Midwife are:

  • ensure accessible antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal services are provided within a supported environment based on need of each individual indigenous family.
  • support for women and their families throughout the pregnancy
  • liaise with other team professionals as required
  • advocate for the indigenous woman and family
  • provide appropriate antenatal care tailored to the needs of the pregnancy
  • education surrounding pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period
  • promotion of breastfeeding and offer support and advice
  • encourage regular antenatal attendance
  • support staff to be culturally sensitive and culturally aware when dealing with Indigenous women

Referral: Contact ALM directly either ph. 9515 6586; page through hospital switch 9515611 (pager 87292) or Fax ANC (9515 7452) Attention “Aboriginal Liaison Midwife”.

Once a referral has been made, the ALM will make the woman’s 1st ANC visit, arrange any further diagnostic tests if required and continue to see the women throughout her pregnancy. All services and supports eg social work, drug health, psychiatry and postnatal services will be accessed for the women according to her needs.

Accessing GP ANSC Resources    

As a GP participating on the GP ANSC program you are required to follow the agreed ANSC  protocols and guidelines. It is essential that you are viewing the most current ANSC resources.

Please note in an endeavour to be environmentally friendly and to ensure GPs are viewing current resources, these are only available as e- copies.
Both the CESPHN website and HealthwaysSydney provide a comprehensive collection of resources and pathways for GPs to view to ensure they are providing up-to-date pregnancy care.

Please ensure that you download and view the following current resources:

A) CESPHN Website

 B) HealthPathways Sydney – updated pregnancy pathways

  • Antenatal First Consult
  • Routine Antenatal Care Assessment 
  • Antenatal – Second and Third Trimester Care
  • Preconception Specialist Assessment
  • Ultrasound – Obstetric and Gynaecological
  • Obstetric and Maternity Advice

Click here to explore the new and revised pregnancy pathways. As always, the HealthPathways Sydney welcomes any feedback or queries that you may have by using the “Send Feedback” feature available on all pathways.  

Hospital clinical placement opportunities

Would you like the opportunity to refresh your clinical examination skills? Opportunities can be arranged with the GP Liaison Midwife for you to attend an antenatal hospital clinic (day time only)

NSW Health requires additional paperwork to be completed prior to attendance at a NSW Health facility. Paperwork for an Honorary Medical Observer need to be completed prior to attending a hospital placement.

Click here for Honorary Medical Observer checklist. This checklist notes all documents required to be completed. For further enquires and forwarding of copies of all required paperwork please contact Clare Jordan