Let’s work together to improve youth health in Eastern Sydney

23 April 2019


  • Imagine being able to get appropriate care for your adolescent patient with one phone call

  • Imagine a seamless system where the person on the end of the phone knows you and fast tracks a package of care you’d like for your patient at no cost. 

  • Imagine feeling like you’ve had all your hard ground work supported, enhanced and celebrated. 

Let’s make this a reality, not a fantasy!

Since we opened in April 2016 headspace Bondi Junction has been working hard to create a strong, viable and vibrant general practice - we have grown from one GP half a day per week to three of us covering 6 sessions with 2 more to be added later in the year. We are a central and respected part of a multi-disciplinary team providing individualised and responsive care in a stepped care model to approximately 900 young people per year. We have a general practice trained practice manager who is passionate about supporting and communicating with local GPs. We understand how hard you work to make good referrals for your young patients and how frustrating it is when things don’t go well or you don’t hear back. We understand the difficulties in negotiating confidentiality and family involvement at this age when young people and their families may have differing priorities.

At headspace Bondi Junction we have access to youth friendly psychologists who provide Medicare funded counselling for mild to moderate mental health issues, and can utilise services from expert sexual health nurses, drug and alcohol counsellors, family therapists and even an exercise physiologist, all co located at the centre! All this with expert consultation services from both hospital based and private psychiatrists and clinical review meetings where challenging cases are discussed and maybe triaged to other linked services. This means that you, as our local GPs have access to all of this too.

We have arranged two CPD events this year in order to demystify the process of working together and to enhance your desire and expertise to work with this delightful and/or challenging age group.

The first CPD event will take place on Tuesday 21-May-19 (Sign up here) – this session will introduce you to our headspace centre and team members’ varying roles; including a chance for feedback and brainstorming on how we can improve working with GPs in the community. It will also include sessions on mental health emergency management and on the role of the GP in managing young people with eating disorders.

The second CPD event will take place on Tuesday 17-Sept-19 and will be for those GP’s in the community who would like to extend their skills and knowledge on more challenging topics, including family counselling and gender dysphoria.

Please come and join us and contact us if there are any topics you’d like covered in the second meeting. We look forward to working with you.

Karen Spielman GP
Sally Corry Practice Manager
James Isles Centre Manager