CESPHN would like to thank all respondents to the recent NDIS survey


25 March 2019

The EIS Board requested a CESPHN NDIS survey of GPs, allied health professionals and community about their implementation experience and to gauge the impact of the implementation of the NDIS on the emotional and mental health and wellbeing of people with disability and their carers. The objective of this survey was to identify key issues about the implementation and to identify CESPHN's members education needs. The electronic survey was sent out for a period of three weeks to primary health providers in the central and eastern Sydney region. A total 171 health professionals responded to the survey.

Overall participants indicated concern related to; the NDIS process, the education and skill set of health/mental health providers and NDIS staff, issues with being an NDIS service provider, communication between NDIA and health/mental health providers and the lack of knowledge across systems regarding the Council of Australian Government (COAG) agreement. These results are not surprising given the complex and diverse nature of the NDIS, and the speed of which this national disability reform has been launched. The attached pdf report (853 KB) and pdf appendix (529 KB) provides a detailed analysis of the final survey results with discussion and implications noted.

The four key implications arising from this report include:

  1. A need for stronger engagement with primary care providers to support the implementation of the NDIS in the CESPHN region
  2. Enhanced communication and collaboration with the National Disability Insurance Agency to support primary health providers
  3. Increased opportunities for further education tailored to the needs of health providers for them to more adequately support people on their NDIS journey
  4. Continuing workforce development efforts to build the skills of the primary health care workforce.

CESPHN will continue development and implementation of CESPHN's Disability Education Program to enable health professionals to support people with lived experience access the NDIS. The program will continue focus on improving health professionals understanding of the ‘whole of life’ aspects of disability and the role of the NDIS and consider the specific needs of priority communities.

CESPHN intends to undertake further collaboration with the NDIA to support the rollout of the NDIS in the CESPHN region and the active support of primary health providers.