GPs to be followed up from Hepatitis C notifications iCHAT/PHU Pilot Project

11 March 2019

The iCHAT (Integrated Community Hepatitis Assessment and Treatment) project engages an experienced hepatitis community clinical nurse consultant (CNC) to support to GPs in the assessment, management and treatment of hepatitis C in the eastern and southern suburbs of Sydney. The iCHAT project is an initiative of CESPHN and the SESLHD HIV & Related Programs (HARP) unit, and together with SESLHD Public Health Unit (PHU) is piloting an innovative project to contact clinicians ordering tests which are reported as new notifications of hepatitis C.

Each month, the PHU provides a list of new notifications to the community clinical nurse consultant. GPs will receive a letter with information about the new notification and advice that the CNC will contact them. The CNC will confirm that the patient has been contacted and given the option of treatment (cure) or referred where appropriate.

Clinicians will be asked about their experience and willingness to treat people with chronic hepatitis C in their practice and whether training and support can be provided. The CNC supports clinicians who are not experienced in the management and treatment of hepatitis C with highly effective direct acting anti-viral therapy (DAA’s) and all aspects of assessment and treatment, including fibrosis assessment for liver disease severity by providing a mobile transient elastography (FibroScans®) in the GP practice.

All GPs can contribute to the elimination of hepatitis C and improve the health outcomes of people living with hepatitis C by offering assessment and treatment in their practice. Please contact Dianne How Chow (0411 021 281) if you require assistance to treat your hepatitis C positive patients.

If you receive a letter advising you of a new notification of hepatitis C for your patient, do not hesitate to contact the writer for further information or to request a visit to your practice. Clinicians will be contacted by Dianne How Chow (0411 021 281) for the northern area of SESLHD (Eastern Suburbs and City) and Lisa Dowdell (0428 983765) for southern SESLHD (St George and Sutherland).