Indigenous Health Incentive – Is your practice registered for this and is your registration still valid?


If your practice is registered for the Indigenous Health Incentive, don’t forget that at least two members of the practice must complete Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) as part of this incentive.

These must be:

  • one must be a GP
  • another could be any other staff member within the practice

This training must be completed within 12 months of your practice signing onto the incentive.

Don’t forget – has one of these staff members left your practice?

If one of these staff members (including the GP) leaves the practice, another member will need to either:

  • complete Cultural Awareness Training (CAT), or
  • be considered exempt within 12 months of the previous staff member leaving

Practices must be able to provide evidence that training has been completed or that exemptions apply.

For more information on the Indigenous Health Incentive and Cultural Awareness Training requirements, go to