Pharmacies have access to the Free Interpreting Service

Access to the Free Interpreting Service for pharmacies has been permanently expanded. Access was previously restricted to “dispensing PBS medication”. The Department of Social Services (DSS) have expanded this so that pharmacists and other pharmacy staff can now access the Free Interpreting Service to provide community pharmacy services. In practice this means that pharmacies can use the Free Interpreting Service to:

  • dispense medication,
  • provide general advice, and
  • deliver other general pharmacy services, including but not limited to:
    • screening and risk assessment
    • immunisation
    • wound care
    • smoking cessation
    • opioid substitution therapy
    • providing leave certificates.

In addition to the permanent change, DSS will pilot a one year expansion from 1 July 2018, which will include all activities undertaken under the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement, including:

  • Medication Management Programs
    • Home Medicine Reviews
    • MedsChecks, including Diabetes MedsChecks
    • Residential Medication Management Review and Quality Use of Medicine Services
  • Medication Adherence Programs
    • Dose administration aids
    • Clinical Interventions
    • Staged supply programs.

Register today using the online registration form. More information is available on DSS Free Interpreting Service webpage.