ANSC July Update: The Royal Hospital for Women

Antenatal booking appointment

To commence arrangement of a first antenatal booking appointment, details can be provided by the woman via an online booking system on the RHW website. Clerical staff will then phone the woman within seven business days to organise a time and also confirm that the woman needs to see a GP to attend to any antenatal blood tests and ultrasounds as required. A booking pack with relevant information is sent via mail.

This online booking form has successfully cut down times waiting on the phone line and been well-received by the women as a worthwhile initiative.

However, recent clerical staff shortages have resulted in a delay in contacting the women, causing many to ring the department to see why they haven’t heard back within the stated time. This problem is then exacerbated by difficulties in accessing the department via phone.

These temporary clerical staff shortages have led to the main phone line being switched off intermittently to allow the staff to complete their daily workload. The current voicemail message received by the caller is unsatisfactory, telling the person that the phones are unattended and that she should call back the following day. The current system does not have the capability for the caller to leave a message. This has resulted in numerous complaints as frustrations arise as the woman is unable to make her first appointment and also reschedule an existing one.

The process to change the voicemail has been ongoing over the past two months, involving the telecommunications manager from POW. A whole new system should be installed by mid July 2018 by an external technician. The caller will be able to select a number 1. to 5.

This will provide the relevant number and then divert the call to:

  1. Triage in Birthing Services
  2. Malabar Midwifery Group Practice if Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  3. Information to provide details online if making a first booking appointment
  4. Call diversion to make or reschedule an appointment. This particular line will have capability for the caller to leave a voicemail message for staff to follow up in a timely manner if they are busy or that line is engaged. OR
  5. The caller will be placed in a queue and answered by a clerk. (When the phone line is open).

We anticipate that this phone system will vastly improve access to antenatal outpatients in a professional manner. Hopefully, this will translate into better client satisfaction for the women attending RHW Antenatal Outpatients.

New medical clinic – Wednesday mornings

We are delighted to be able to offer a further Obstetric Medicine Clinic on Wednesday morning as we expand our service with the appointment of Dr Amanda Beech, Obstetric Physician.

This clinic will review patients who have medical disorders in pregnancy, including hypertension, thyroid disorders, venous thromboembolic disease, and autoimmune disorders.

Please send referrals addressed to Dr Amanda Beech, RHW OPD via fax on 9382 6118 for women who may need to be reviewed.

Referral pathway to RHW

Over the past few weeks, there have been a few occasions where women have either been sent directly to RHW OPD or Delivery Suite straight from their GP visit without RHW being notified first.

If you feel a woman needs immediate assessment, please ensure that the following pathways are followed:

Under 20 weeks pregnant

If suspected miscarriage, please contact Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAS) between the hours of 8.00 am – 12.00 pm on 9382 6701, Monday – Friday.

Or for any other issues, e.g., extreme nausea and vomiting, please send to Prince of Wales (POW) Accident and Emergency.

Over 20 weeks pregnant

Please either call Delivery Suite Triage on 0439 869 035 (24/7) and discuss with Triage Midwife who will assess situation.

If unable to contact above Triage number, please call RHW Switch on 9382 6111 and ask to page On Call O&G Registrar.

Please note that a referral letter is required.

Pathology results

Further to previous notices in ANSC Newsletters, RHW is still experiencing an overwhelming amount of pathology and ultrasound results that are received daily either via mail and/or fax.

Can you please ensure that you do not copy RHW OPD or send via fax and that instead original copies of all test results and scans are given to the women to bring to her next antenatal visit at RHW. Do not copy or fax results to RHW.

Any investigations requested by the GP for the woman under his/her care must be followed up by the GP. It is the responsibility of the provider ordering the test or noting an abnormal finding to ensure appropriate follow-up and communication. This eliminates multiple handling of results.

Get Healthy in Pregnancy (GHiP)

Get Healthy in Pregnancy (GHiP) is a FREE confidential information and/or telephone coaching service for pregnant women in NSW aged 16 years and over. Participants are supported to make healthy lifestyle changes, such as to:

  • Eat healthily
  • Get active
  • Gain or maintain a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy
  • Not drink alcohol during pregnancy
  • Return to pre-pregnancy weight
What do participants get?
  • A university qualified personal health coach to support them throughout their pregnancy and early postnatal months
  • 10 confidential coaching calls over six months (on a day and at a time that suites the participant)
  • Motivation and support to set healthy lifestyle goals
  • Information and a journal to track goals and actions
  • Help to overcome problem areas
  • The option to re-enrol for coaching after the six months, or to set six months of SMS based coaching
How can people sign up to GHiP?

There are a number of ways that someone can sign up to the service:

  1. Health professional referral: A GP or alternative health professional can refer using the referral form. The GHiP service will follow up the referral with a call to the participant directly within three working days of receiving the referral.
  2. Self-referral: An individual can register online here or call 1300 806 258 to register to participate.

For more information visit the Get Healthy in Pregnancy website.

GPs changing practice

If you change your practice address or if you work from several practice addresses, can you please notify RHW GPSC Liaison Midwife, Julie Davis so that the GPSC list can be updated.