General Practice Tool Kit – Understanding your role in the NDIS 

This toolkit has been developed for general practices with practical information to assist:

  • Practice managers and practice staff to:
    • Understand key information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
    • Gain information about the different ways patients are entering the scheme and what this means for making appointments, timing and length of appointments.
  • General practitioners (GPs) with information about:
    • What is the NDIS and the GP’s role
    • Eligibility, supports and assistance for people with disability through the NDIS
    • The forms that GPs can be asked to complete, how patients will access the scheme, and information to assist GPs in completing sections of the form
    • Referral pathways for patients so they can find out more information and how it will work, and where they can go for assistance.

Click here to access the toolkit.