Mental Health Atlas released

The final Integrated Mental Health Atlases for Central Eastern Sydney, Western Sydney, and South Western Sydney regions as well as the Far West have been released, part of a collaboration project lead by Brain and Mind Centre’s Mental Health Policy Unit.

The atlases to provide region-wide views of services and support available to people living with mental distress in NSW.

Chief Investigator, Prof Luis Salvador-Carulla said the Integrated Atlas of Mental Health were essential tools for decision making and quality assessment, and allowed policy planners and decision makers to build bridges between the different sectors and to better allocate services.

The WHO Mental Health Gap Action Program has highlighted the need for a comprehensive and systematic description of all the mental health resources available and the utilisation of these resources.

“It is not only important to know the numbers of services in each health area, but also to describe what they are doing and where they are located. This information also enables an understanding of the context of health-related interventions which are essential for the development of evidence-informed policy,” according to the research team.

These Integrated Atlases include detailed information on social and demographic characteristics and health-related needs, as well as data on service availability and care capacity.

Mental Health Atlases

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