Do you need help with data quality in your practice?

  • Does your practice need assistance in completing the Diabetes Cycle of Care or Asthma Cycle of Care?
  • Do you need assistance in cardiovascular disease management or cervical cancer screening?
  • Do you need help in preparing for accreditation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Putting Data into Practice (PDIP) might be for you. PDIP can assist your practice to improve patient outcomes, enhance data management, measure improvement in the quality of patient care, and improve business revenue. You can also see how your practice compares to the whole CESPHN region. A dedicated project officer is available to your practice to support quality improvement activities.

For further information, please see the registration form here, or contact the Quality Improvement team on 9799 0933 (Ashfield) or 9330 9900 (Kogarah).