Resources for women and families

Below is a suite of pregnancy-related resources and information that you may find helpful during your pregnancy.

EMERGENCY medical help during your pregnancy

If you are greater than 20 weeks pregnant: 
Contact relevant hospital - RPA Women and Babies Labour Ward ph.9515 8420 or Canterbury Hospital ph.9787 0000 ask for Birthing Unit

If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant:
Non-urgent: Follow-up with your GP
Urgent: Contact relevant hospital - RPAH Emergency Dept ph.9515 6111 or Canterbury Hospital Emergency Dept ph.9787 0000

First Hospital "Booking In" appointment 

Women planning to deliver at RPA Women and Babies or Canterbury Hospital should ensure they book their first hospital "Booking In" appointment ASAP. This visit should be scheduled for when you are ~ 12-14 weeks pregnant.

To arrange this appointment :
RPA Women and Babies - visit RPA Women and Babies website and complete on-line booking form 
Canterbury Hospital- contact hospital directly ph.9787 0250 ph.9787 0560  

Women will also need to visit their GP for clinical assesment and to obtain relevant hospital Obstetric referral form. This form needs to be brought to their hospital visit.

This booking information is only for public patients. It does not apply to women electing to have care from a private obstetrician.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS)

This service aims to identify and manage ectopic pregnancies, and diagnose, treat and support lower abdominal pain/or vaginal bleeding in women < 20 weeks gestation who are haemodynamically stable. For urgent review, attend relevant hospital Emergency Department

PDF document Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS) Patient Brochure: SLHD
PDF document pdf Bleeding and pain in early pregnancy: (283 KB)  SLHD

Fetal Movements

Fetal movements are a good indicator of a baby's health and wellbeing. Getting to know your baby's movement patterns can help recognise if something has changed. If you are concerned or worried about a change in your baby's movements contact the hospital, midwife or doctor immediately.
external linkMovements matter  - comprehensive suite of resources for women and partners regarding fetal movements. Translated information available 

Perinatal mental health

external link COPE - Centre for perinatal excellence - resources for women and partners regarding perinatal mental health 

external link beyondblue - access a variety of information for new and expectant parents, covering everything from bonding with your baby to spotting the signs of anxiety and depression.
external link Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) - information and support regarding perinatal anxiety and depression 

 PDF document  pdf Looking after your perinatal mental health (611 KB)

Planning a baby

 external link Having a Baby BookHaving a Baby Book - NSW Health
external link Thinking of having a baby - NSW Health. Outlines steps for women and their partners to take 3-6months prior to pregnancy to promote a healthy pregnancy 
PDF document  pdf Models of care (145 KB) - RPA Women and Babies; Canterbury Hospital 

PDF document   pdf Pregnancy Checklist (180 KB) - A checklist of topics to consider and discuss with your GP and/or health professional during your pregancy and following birth
PDF document  pdf RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital GP Antenatal Shared Care Program (9.76 MB)  - information regarding this option of care
PDF document RPA Midwifery Group Practice - information regarding this option of care
PDF document When do I go home - RPA Women and Babies discharge information
PDF document Canterbury Hospital - Options of Care - information regarding various options of care 
PDF document Canterbury Hospital - Birth After Caesarean Clinic 

Prenatal Screening

All women regardless of age should be counselled and offered the option for screening for chromosomal abnormalities. Women should be given information early in pregnancy about the purpose and implications of these tests to enable them to make informed choices about whether or not they wish to undertake the tests.


external link Get Healthy in pregnancy - Free telephone based service to support all pregnant women to eat healthily, get active and maintain a healthy weight during preqnancy. Women can self refer to the service or discuss further with their GP or health professional.

external link Eat For Health ( Australian Government) PDF document Healthy eating during pregnancy - Consumer brochure

external linkPregnancy and alcohol  (Australian Government)

external link Tobacco smoking and pregnancy ( NSW Health)