Health Coaching - Sydney Core Coach Training | 4 Day Curriculum

Wellcoaches Core Coach Training program is widely respected as the gold standard. Our industry-first programs gave birth to a new professional, the Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

The core training curriculum is also open to those who do not intend to become a Health and Wellness Coach but wish to learn the skills and behaviours to apply in other settings as Personal Coach. Our core training and certification programs, endorsed by our strategic partners, the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, are designed for professionals with expertise such as: weight, nutrition, fitness, stress or mind/body medicine, lifestyle medicine, chronic disease, and mental health.

Module 1 lesson topics include: Differentiating the coach from the expert; How to establish growth-promoting relationships; Coaching presence; Expressing compassion through empathy; Building positive emotions for resilience; Eliciting motivation;; Building self-efficacy Readiness to change; Building powerful visions; Crafting designs for behavior experiments; Creating generative (ah-ha!) moments; Appreciative goal review; Includes Coaching habits e-course. APNA endorsed (27.5 CPD points).


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Location: Saxon's Level 10, 10 Barrack St SYDNEY

27 July 2020, 8.00 pm

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