Reconciliation Action Plan

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN (CESPHN) has developed an 'Innovate' Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. The RAP reinforces our commitment as an organisation to fostering positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, and ensuring our practices and programs reflect this vision.

CESPHN RAP is out now

Reconciliation Action Plan launch 2021


The Reconciliation Action Plan working group within CESPHN has been updated since the publication of the RAP. The updated working group consists of:

  • Nathalie Hansen, General Manager, Planning and Engagement 
  • Lisa Merrison, Manager, Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Programs and Suicide Prevention  
  • Karina Crutch, Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Programs Officer
  • Phoebe Molesworth, Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Richard Vaughan, General Manager, Corporate Services
  • Rachel Kurniawan, Mental Health Program Officer
  • Susie Riddell, Marketing & Communications Officer
  • Cat McPherson, Child and Youth Mental Health Program Officer (Chair)
  • Hannah Fraser, Human Resources Support Officer
  • Michaela Fenech, Practice Support and Development Program Officer
  • Rory Burns, Engagement Lead
  • Nerida Croker, Digital Health Officer
  • Hannah Coffey,  Population Health and Chronic Disease Program Officer
  • Lidia Konik, CPD program Officer
  • Sain Chami, Service Navigator
  • Pinal Chauhan, Risk and Quality Improvement Manager

 RAP 2021-23 progress report

Each Quarter we will update on our current achievements. This progress is based on the year 1 deliverables.

Q3 main achievements:

* Review and update our recruitment and retention strategy
* Review and update our HR leave policies to reflect paid day of leave for cultural dates of significance ie NAICOC week
* Develop and implement minimum standards for organisations to meet when tendering for funding

And commenced;

* Evaluating our engagement strategy

* Review of previous yrs and to implement this years internal cultural audit

* Including Cultural awareness training into staff annual performance development reviews

* Review our procurement practices and strategy to ensure 20% of operating is sourced from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses


Q2 main achievements:

* Activities related to National Reconciliation Week

* Develop and implement Cultural learning and development policy and procedure

* Internal review of staff cultural learning needs

* Develop and implement community NAIDOC award and guidelines

* Promotional activities related to RAP launch, progress on achievements and promote to others the benefits of having a RAP

   RAP progress 2021 Q3  RAP Q2 progress

 MARCH 2021 Q1 rap actions progress