Practice Support

Our team can provide free support and advice to your practice including:

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The templates provided by CESPHN are for your personal use only and must not be redistributed without permission. They have been tested with the versions of Best Practice ( and Medical Director (MD3.16).

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Allied Health Practice Accreditation

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For over a decade, Divisions of General Practice have supported and helped general practices with Accreditation we are pleased to announce that this support and guidance is now available to AHPs.

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General practice accreditation

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Whether your practice is seeking accreditation for the first time or the fifth! We are able to tailor support to help you through the whole accreditation process.

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We aim to support GPs and general practices with recruitment and retention strategies to sustain adequate general practice workforce.

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mental health support

Currently PIP is made up of ten individual incentives, and practices can apply for as many of the following incentives as they are eligible for. The Practice Management and Accreditation team can help you register and can discuss ways to improve your practices PIP revenue.

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Digital Health (eHealth)

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Digital health refers to a range of processes, services, and systems that can be used to manage health information and deliver safer, efficient and better quality healthcare.

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Practice management

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We help support the education and professional development of Practice Managers with monthly practice staff events with a range of topics to address practice management issues. Visit our events page to register for upcoming events. 

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Nursing in General Practice

Nursing in General Practice

Nurses are highly skilled and knowledgeable health professionals who work collaboratively with GPs and other members of the practice team, to provide safe and quality care.

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