Asthma Management

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Asthma is a common chronic condition of the airways, associated with episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and cough. Around 2.3 million people in Australia suffer from asthma (1 in 10 Australians) and over 400 Australians die each year from asthma. Asthma Hospitalisations in Australia 2010-11 report  indicates fewer asthma sufferers are ending up in hospital than a decade ago.

Decision support and clinical guidelines

Asthma Action Plans

A written asthma action plan can help your patients to recognise worsening asthma and tell them what to do. An individualised written asthma action plan can be based on symptoms and/or peak flow measurements.

Asthma Cycle of Care 

As a part of Asthma Cycle of Care health professionals are expected to:

  1. Document diagnosis and assessment of asthma severity
  2. Review the patient's use of asthma related medication and devices
  3. Provide a written asthma action plan
  4. Provide asthma self-management education
  5. Review the written asthma action plan

document-pdf-text   Asthma Cycle of Care information sheet

document-pdf-text CESPHN Asthma Toolkit for General Practice - Diagnosis, Management, Referral Pathways


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