Putting Data into Practice (PDIP)

Putting Data into Practice (PDIP) program aims to enhance quality of data in general practice and improve patient outcomes. The program is designed to support practices to make more sustainable improvements based on their individual priorities and to embed quality improvement (QI) within general practice.

The effective use of clinical data and a culture of quality improvement have been shown to have positive impact on better prevention and management of chronic diseases.

The program incorporates a data cleansing phase, followed by specific focused waves that are of interest to your general practice. Specific waves for example can include; Accreditation, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Respiratory disease.

What are the benefits to participating practices?

  • Measure improvements in the quality of patient care
  • Enhance management of data to meet accreditation standards
  • Improve business revenue
  • Sustainable systems and processes
  • Links to referral pathways

Promotional material

Focus areas

Indicators and activities to achieve change

Asthma Management

Asthma Cycle of Care items outstanding MBS item eligibility Medication use Asthma Action Plan

Cardiovascular disease(CVD) management

Blood Pressure recorded Cholesterol check-ups

Cervical screening

Reduction in the number of women who had a Pap test > 2 and > 4 Years Assistance to achieve PIP requirements

Diabetes Management

Diabetes Cycle of Care items outstanding Assistance to achieve PIP requirements MBS item eligibility Recording foot and eye check ups


Ethnicity recorded Allergies recorded Smoking and alcohol use recorded Current medications