Children's Health



The early detection of physical and developmental problems in children enables earlier intervention and better outcomes for the child’s long term development. This page provides general practice easy access to information, links, referrals and resources for children’s health in our area. We recommend all practices nurses and GPs to actively encourage patients aged 3.5 to 5 years have a Healthy Kids Check and younger children to be assessed against the milestone targets in their Blue Book - My First Health Record. We provide the following support:

  • Practice visits, resources and information
  • Practice staff training in recall and reminder systems
  • Referral pathways and referral forms
  • Immunisation support
Referrals and services

external link HealthPathways Sydney - localised referral pathways
external link Audiology Services at Children's Hospitals - provide hearing testing for children of all ages, counselling and referral services for their families
external link StEPS - statewide free eye testing for all 4 years old children
external link Designs for Vision - Sheridan Gardiner eye screening resources
external link Early Childhood Oral Health Referral Service - This service provides free checks, education and treatment for all children 0 to 5 years old. To refer to the service, fax the referral form to 9562 0501 or 4320 3709
external link Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) - The Child Dental Benefits Schedule gives eligible children access to up to $1000 in benefits per child over two consecutive calendar years for basic dental services
external link Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) fact sheet - information for families (English and Chinese)
external link Protecting Tiny Teeth - Australian Dental Association
external link Better Start for Children with Disabilities Initiative - financial assistance for treatment of eligible children with a range of disabilities
external link Disability services directory

Social and Mental Wellbeing

external link Psychological Support Services (PSS) for Kids
external link Families Support NSW
external link Karitane professional referrals pathways
external link Barnardos Australia - Family Referral Service
external link Keep Them Safe - Family Referral Service

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Health

external link MBS Information page - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
external link Children’s Health 0-14 years - Proforma template
external link Deadly Tots - Karitane resources for Indigenous children
external link Early Years Program - Barnardos Australia Indigenous Referral Service
external link Aboriginal Health Services and Support

Parental support services

external link Triple P Parenting Courses
external link Triple P Courses - Ashfield inclusive
external link Weave - Women and Children's Centre Indigenous Specific Triple P courses
external link Resourcing Parents - Families NSW education courses
external link Barnardos Australia - Family Referral Service
external link Raising Children Network - Australian parenting website
external link Love, talk, sing, read, play - Families NSW resources for parents
external link Go 4Fun - A free healthy living program helping children above healthy weight and their families to adopt a long-lasting healthy lifestyle