Further improvements in HCV treatment

From August 1 2017 the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will list Epclusa®. Epclusa® is the first of the new direct acting antivirals that can be used to treat people with hepatitis C genotypes 1 to 6 (pangenotypic) with or without cirrhosis. It is single tablet regimen for 12 weeks. Epclusa® will make it even simpler for GPs to prescribe HCV treatment. It should be appropriate for almost all patients. Patients with GT1, who have no cirrhosis and are treatment naïve can still be treated for 8 weeks treatment with Harvoni, all other patients can be treated with 12 weeks Epclusa 1 tablet daily. All patients with cirrhosis should be referred to a liver clinic for assessment and management of liver disease. For more information, see Chronic Hepatitis C pathway on HealthPathways Sydney, or contact Janice Pritchard-Jones, SLHD Hepatitis Coordinator, 0434 360 357.