Free interpreting service for allied health professionals

Private allied health professionals are encouraged to register for fee-free telephone or on-site interpreting support with clients who speak a language other than English. This program is available until 31 May 2018.

The Access to Interpreting Services program for Allied Health Professionals aims to:

  • support access to private allied health services by non-English speaking consumers
  • ensure interpreter services are available to allied health professionals working in private practice to communicate with non-English speaking consumers.

It’s easy to register and receive access to this service if you’re in the CESPHN catchment area that covers SLHD and SESLHD.

The steps are:

  • Complete an EOI electronically. The form is found on the CESPHN website > I’m in an Allied Health Practice > Programs: Access to Interpreting Service Program > Expression of Interest Form
  • Return the form to Barbara Hawkshaw
  • Barbara will assist you to complete the final steps

Then you’ll be ready to either book your own telephone interpreter for immediate or pre-booked appointment, or send an email to Barbara (with at least 3 business days notice) to arrange an on-site interpreter.

For more information about The Access to Interpreting Services program for Allied Health Professionals, visit the webpage or download the factsheet

For more enquiries, contact Barbara Hawkshaw on 8752 4940 or