Challenge for the community to Make Healthy Normal

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN is encouraging their communities to take small steps to make healthy normal in their day-to-day lives.

With over half of adults and more than one in five children in NSW being overweight or obese, we are living in an environment where unhealthy eating habits and a lack of physical activity have become ‘normal’.

The NSW Make Healthy Normal campaign has been developed to increase our awareness of overweight and obesity as a public health issue, and to motivate us to reassess our lifestyle choices so we can challenge our current perception of ‘normal’. The aim is to create a new, ‘healthy normal’ through small, easy steps we can take to lead healthier lives.

Make Healthy Normal aims to encourage people to take small steps to become more healthy, such as swapping fried foods for fresh, drinking more water, adding more fruit or vegetables to meals or simply sitting less and moving more! See below for some of the Mini Challenges you can take to make healthy normal.


For more information and healthy tips, including for specific populations such as families, men and Aboriginal people, visit the Make Healthy Normal website:
Small Steps Can Make A Big Difference