ANSC July Update: St George Hospital and Sutherland Hospitals

 Target weight gains in pregnancy

Pre-pregnancy BMI (kg/m2) Rate of gain second and third trimester (kg per week)* Recommended total gain range (kg)
Less than 18.5 0.45 12.5 - 18
18.5 - 24.9 0.45 11.5 - 16
25 - 29.9 0.28 7.5 - 11.5
Greater than or equal to 30.0 0.22 5 - 9

Women with a high BMI >35 are given collaborative care provided with midwives, dietitian support and advice for healthy eating, physiotherapist support and advice for exercise in pregnancy, pre- admission planning with obstetric and anaesthetic review, lactation advice and support, perinatal mental health advice around depression and education about delivery and postnatal care. This group is known as St George and Sutherland Weight Intervention Group (SSWInG). It is held on Mondays at the St George Antenatal Clinic.

The ‘Get Healthy in Pregnancy’ program provides free telephone counselling with a dietitian and/or exercise physiologist. Encourage women to minimise their weight gain with exercise and a healthy diet in pregnancy. The online referral to the program is located on the CESPHN website here. Referral forms are also available in Best Practice and Medical Director.

Click here to view the program brochure.


Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS)

St George Hospital has an EPAS service Mon-Fri at 8am sharp. The location is the 1West Gynaecology ward. This is a drop in service -referrals are not required. Please bring blood or ultrasound results if available.

Sutherland Hospital all women are assessed by the O&G registrar in the Emergency Department.



Encourage the woman to phone for her first antenatal booking as soon as she has confirmed her pregnancy. Ideally we would like to schedule this appointment between 12-16 weeks of pregnancy.

Women with diet controlled GDM may remain on ANSC. Women who are medicated or on insulin must return to ANC for remainder of the pregnancy.

The ANSC protocol and GP resources can be accessed on CESPHN website here.