Young Adult Diabetes Service

Royal Prince Alfred Diabetes Centre and the Charles Perkins Centre RPA Clinic offers a comprehensive person-centred Transition Care and Assessment Program for young adults (16-30) with type 2 diabetes who are newly diagnosed, have had the diagnosis for some time or who are transitioning from paediatric to adult care.

For health professionals: People involved in this service will have their care coordinated by a team of highly experienced endocrinologists, diabetes nurses and nutritionists who specialise in young adults with diabetes. It is envisaged that they will have access to specialist services including exercise physiologists and mental health professionals through the Charles Perkins Centre. Our mission is to help young people engage in regular ongoing diabetes health care whilst continuing to share their care with their GP. We aim to improve the care of young adults with diabetes and our staff members are committed to providing your patients with the latest advances in care, as well as to passing along their expertise through our Royal Prince Alfred Diabetes Centre Professional Education programs. Referrals will be accepted for diagnosis, comprehensive complications evaluation, and treatment planning and ongoing management.

For clients: The diagnosis of diabetes is an extremely stressful event for both you and your family. Common emotions experienced are denial, shock, fear, sadness, anger, confusion and uncertainty. You will have a great deal to learn right away and will have many, many questions on how this diagnosis will affect your life today and into the future. It is important to know that you don’t have to face this challenge alone and our aim is that you will see the same people at each of your clinic visits. It is important that you work with a health care team who can provide the care, support and accurate information that you need. The team at the RPA Diabetes Centre Young Adults Service are committed to providing this level of care and to ensure you have the best health possible. We offer a telephone service for between-clinic visits if you have any areas of concern. Ring the Diabetes Centre on 9515 5888.

Clinic staff

Endocrinologists - Clinical Associate Professor Jencia Wong BHB PhD FRACP; Dr Ted Wu MBBS PhD FRACP and Dr Timothy Middleton BSc (Hons I), MBBS, MPhil, FRACP

Diabetes Nurses and Educators - Adj Associate Professor M McGill AM, RN, CDE, MSc(Med) and Ms M Constantino CDE BInfoTech

Senior Diabetes Dietitian - Ms Deb Foote RD

When is the clinic held? Tuesday afternoons from 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm

What does it cost to attend the clinic? All services are covered by Medicare

Is a referral required? A referral is required and should be addressed to one of the doctors named above.

Contact information: To make an appointment, contact the Royal Prince Alfred Diabetes Centre on 9515 5888 or by fax on 9515 5820