ANSC May Update: RPA Women and Babies/ Canterbury Hospital

Follow-up appointment after Fetal Anomaly Scan (FAS)

When booking a woman’s appointment to review her fetal anomaly scan, please ensure that you do not book this follow-up appointment too early after the scan. The scan report may not be available until just prior to her scheduled second hospital visit, that is at, 20-22 weeks.

Are your ANSC resources current?

Did you know that there is an array of resources to assist with undertaking the GP ANSC program with RPA Women and Babies/ Canterbury Hospital?

Visit the ANSC webpage for additional resources

Clinical resources to assist with antenatal care .....HeathPathways Sydney

Have you visited HealthPathways Sydney? This online resource allows health professionals to connect patients to the right care, at the right place with the right health care provider.

The pathways are kept brief to help you find information quickly, support management of difficult or uncommon consultations and provide key service information and appropriate local referrals.

Women’s Health pathways address a wide range of topics covering pregnancy related care, including the first antenatal consult.

Visit Username: connected; Password: healthcare

“Blue Book” for children born overseas

For children that have been born overseas copies of the “Blue Book” can be obtained from the Better Health Centre on ph. 9887 5450 or via email

Further information can be found on the Families NSW website

Continuity of care for women opting for GP Antenatal Shared Care

For women opting for GP ANSC care there is an agreement with SLHD (RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital) that her care will ONLY be provided by a Recognised ANSC GP. If a woman’s Recognised GP is absent, care must be provided by another Recognised GP in the practice or a hospital visit is required. It is not agreed that her care is provided by a GP not participating in the program as a back-up.

Please ensure that your patients and practice staff/managers are aware that women that have chosen GP ANSC must have all their antenatal visit scheduled with a Recognised ANSC GP.

Please contact Karen Wheeler if you would like a list of ANSC GPs within your practice.