Referral process to the Prince of Wales Diabetes Centre

The Prince of Wales (POW) Diabetes Centre, have developed:

These resources are on the CESPHN Diabetes webpage (under Diabetes Integrated Care and Referral Pathways). They are also available as general practice templates with instructions on how to import into your medical software.

These referral documents have been developed because a proportion of the referral letters received by the POW Diabetes Centre do not have enough information. The utilisation of these templates has been slow, and with feedback received from GPs, we were informed that a referral letter is more convenient.

If you decide to continue the use of a referral letter, the POW Diabetes Centre has requested that as a minimum the information listed below is included:

  • Clinic or service
  • Reason for referral
  • Type of diabetes
  • Relevant medical history
  • Past medical history
  • Current medications
  • Allergies
  • Investigations (Hba1c, biochemistry and FBC)- Hba1c helps to triage the patients priority and if no Hba1c provided the patients will be given the next available appointment
  • Interpreter requirements and language

If you need assistance with templates or with how to refer to the Prince of Wales Diabetes Centre, please contact:

Kirsty Orinuela, Nurse Manager, Crendentialled Diabetes Educator
9382 4600