Central Sydney GP Network update

Central Sydney GP Network is ready for a fresh new look. We are having a busy and productive 2017, looking at where we are as an organisation and where we want to head over the next three years.

It is approaching two years since IWSML closed and CESPHN was launched. Our long, shared history has allowed Central Sydney GP Network to head forward confidently alongside CESPHN however has also led to much confusion over the roles of each organisation and we plan to clarify these roles.


Advocacy Education Leadership


To support and strengthen Central Sydney General Practice


To advocate and represent for quality General Practice as central to patient care


Advocacy, Education, Leadership, Relevance and Quality

You will notice that Central Sydney GP Network is our title as the abbreviated CSGPN is often confused with CESPHN. Central Sydney GP Network is the largest general practice network in the PHN, with more than 500 members and a footprint covering 40% of CESPHN.

The second half of 2017 will deliver a new look website with more features and more relevance to our members. Keep an eye out for more benefits to join our successful 15% discount at Blooms Pharmacies for Central Sydney GP Network members and more opportunities to become involved, including creative competitions.

Relationship building with CESPHN will ensure a collaborative working relationship so both organisations can deliver more. Engagement with other stakeholders will strengthen our ties and increase our ability to support quality general practice.

Advocacy for general practice is a critical role for Central Sydney GP Network. We have representatives at many levels of the PHN and SLHD and we will continue to be the strong voice of our members.
Central Sydney GP Network welcomes your feedback and contributions to make Central Sydney GP Network, your organisation, more dynamic and relevant to you.

Contact us and get involved via the Central Sydney GP Network website or by emailing our Member Support and Engagement Program Officer, Sue Moxon s.moxon@cesphn.com.au or calling her on 9799 0933.

You can also contact any of the Board Members

Article submitted by Margot Woods, Director, Central Sydney GP Network