War Memorial Hospital’s integrated Rehabilitation and EnAblement Program, ‘iREAP’ turns one!

Memorial Hospital’s integrated Rehabilitation and EnAblement Program, ‘iREAP’ provides comprehensive early intervention care to clients at risk of frailty and falls, or those with a degenerative neurological disease such as Parkinson’s. This anticipatory model of care aims to improve the quality of life of older clients in the community and prevent avoidable hospital admissions by building partnerships with local GPs and community providers to identify clients earlier in the course of their condition.

Each client receives an individualised multidisciplinary program of care, tailored to their particular needs. iREAP coordinates the care from our allied health outpatient services, Geriatric Medicine and Continence Clinic over an eight week program. Clients attend three times per week for group and individual exercise, education sessions and occupational therapy practical sessions, along with a suite of other services depending on their needs including hydrotherapy, speech pathology, clinical psychology, dietetics, podiatry and social work. All clients are provided with a comprehensive assessment by our geriatrician.

The program is turning one this month and the team and their clients are celebrating their achievements to date. Overall clients completing the program have improved their physical measures including mobility and falls risk, have reduced levels of frailty, improved their quality of life and confidence to manage their condition, and have been linked with enablement strategies to ensure improvements are sustained over time.

GPs can access the iREAP referral form through the PHN website and can upload it into existing practice software to improve ease of referral. Transport is available to clients within our hospital catchment area, or community transport can be arranged to ensure safe access to the program.

For more information regarding the iREAP program or to discuss potential clients please contact Genevieve Maiden, iREAP Care Coordinator on 9369 0457 or genevieve.maiden@health.nsw.gov.au

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Genevieve Maiden (iREAP Care Coordinator) and Marie Bradley (iREAP Allied Health Assistant) with the current Falls / Frail iREAP group celebrating the iREAP services' first birthday!