CPD obstetric events

The 2017 Obstetric/Women’s Health Education calendar is now available.

As the 2017-2019 triennium has commenced, GPs will again be required to accrue at least 12 Category 2 points over the three year period to remain a Recognised/Affiliated ANSC GP with their relevant ANSC program. Regardless of the specific ANSC hospital program in which you are participating, you are able to attend any obstetric event across the CESPHN. GPs who are financial members of their relevant GP network, are able to attend CPD events free of charge.

First Trimester Screening online education module

The NSW Genetic Education Unit has updated the First Trimester Screening module to include NIPT. The module includes strategies to discuss screening, including NIPT, increases knowledge of appropriate and evidence-based information and facilitate discussion for informed choice with women and their partners

The module is approved by RACGP QI&CPD 2017-2019 triennium for 3 Category 2 points. Visit RACGP gplearning to access the module.