ANSC January Update: RPA Women and Babies/ Canterbury Hospital

Advice regarding prenatal screening program for women delivering at RPA or Canterbury hospitals

RPA will continue to use combined first trimester screening (cFTS) as the primary screening tool for common forms of chromosomal abnormality (Trisomies 21, 18 and 13) and provide women with advice about the value of noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) (which is an out of pocket expense) contingent on their cFTS result.

For patients wanting NIPT at an earlier gestation, before cFTS, please advise FMU of the result to avoid confusing risk analyses and be aware that the NIPT test is limited to assessing risk for chromosomal abnormality and a 12-week scan still needs to be performed.

RPA have recently negotiated an improved rate for patients that plan to deliver at Canterbury or RPA Women and Babies. The Natera 'Panorama' product costs patients $250 and is directly payable to the laboratory.

NIPT referrals: RPA FMU Monday and Thursday mornings made using the standard ultrasound forms (asking for an NIPT test and, if needed, a scan). The results come through the genetics counselling service.

In addition to the discounted product offer, RPA have signed up to take part in a trial called the SMART study. This is a prospective international multicentre study looking at the use of NIPT to screen for del22q11. This research trial (which is voluntary) will be discussed with patients when they attend. There is no added cost for 22q11 analysis.

Further details are outlined in this pdf letter (186 KB) from Professor Hyett, Head High Risk Obstetrics RPA Women and Babies.

Have you visited the CESPHN Antenatal Shared Care (ANSC) webpage?

The redesigned page has streamlined and improved navigation to information relevant for the RPA Women and Babies/ Canterbury ANSC Program. It is more user friendly with access to a hospital referral process checklist, referral form templates and the GP ANSC Resource Manual. Click here to visit the CESPHN ANSC webpage.

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Pre-conception planning for women or couples?

Do you have women or couples considering pregnancy that may have a chronic health condition, are concerned about their weight, or have a family history of genetic or congenital abnormalities? Did you know they can be referred to the RPA Pregnancy Planning Clinic for assessment?

This service optimises health for couples prior to conception and enhances potential future pregnancy and baby health outcomes. It provides health promotion information, screening assessments and intervention.

For the referral criteria and process visit the 'Preconception Assessment' page on the HealthPathways Sydney website.

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Alternative acute care for woman with lactational mastitis

Did you know that Hospital in the Home (HITH) can provide acute care to patients who would otherwise require a traditional hospital inpatient care setting? Direct referral from general practitioners to HITH services is welcomed, to provide treatment for stable patients with cellulitis, pyelonephritis, mastitis, or community acquired pneumonia.

If you have a woman with lactational mastitis, she may be eligible for referral to HITH rather than sending via hospital Emergency. For further information about treatment and how to access the service visit the 'Mastitis and Breast Abscess' page on the HealthPathways Sydney website.

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HITH services are located at Balmain, Canterbury, Concord and RPA Hospitals.

Obstetric CPD topics for 2017-2019

As 2017 commences the new RACGP triennium, we are keen to seek your suggestions on proposed topics you would like included in the Obstetric Education Program. Please email CESPHN Maternal and Child Health Program Officer Karen Wheeler with any suggestions.

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