ANSC November Update: RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital

Discharge letters for women attending RPA Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS)

The current process for sending EPAS discharge letters to GPs (if a woman requests) is via mail. The service will no longer be faxing discharge letters to GP practices. The service would appreciate if the pdf EPAS Referral Form (432 KB) could be completed for all referrals.

Did you know that this and other Women’s Health referral forms can be downloaded as templates for your clinical software? If you are unsure how to download templates call CESPHN on 9799 0933 to speak with Practice Support staff.

Early or urgent hospital consults

It is important if you see a woman in the first trimester who you may consider at risk of complication in pregnancy that they are referred for early review and do not have to wait until their first hospital booking visit.

For RPA Women and Babies

Please complete the pdf Obstetric Referral Form (336 KB) ensuring adequate clinical information is included so an earlier appointment can be arranged in the appropriate clinic (if required).

Fax the referral to the Antenatal Clinic on 9515 3454.

Women will be contacted directly by phone with their appointment time.

For Canterbury Hospital

Please write a referral letter ensuring that the letter includes adequate clinical information.

Fax the referral to the Antenatal Clinic on 9787 0431.

In addition you may contact the Midwifery Unit Manager on 9787 0558.

Note: Canterbury Hospital does not have the specific Obstetric Referral Form.

If you have any clinical questions or referral enquires please contact Clare Jordan, GP Liaison Midwife on 0425 230 662 or (urgent) the O&G Registrar through the relevant hospital switch - RPA 9515 6111 or Canterbury 9787 000.

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Care responsibilities for women opting for GP ANSC

For women opting for GP ANSC, there is an agreement with SLHD that her scheduled antenatal visits will only be provided by a Recognised ANSC GP. If a woman's Recognised GP is absent, care must be provided by another Recognised GP within the practice or a hospital visit is required. It is not agreed that her care can be provided by a GP not participating in the program as a substitute.

Please ensure that your patients and practice staff/managers are aware that women who have elected GP ANSC must have all their antenatal visits scheduled with a Recognised ANSC GP.

If you would like a copy of those GPs in your practice who are Recognised ANSC GPs, please contact Karen Wheeler on 9799 0933.

Scheduling of GP Antenatal Visits

When scheduling a woman’s GP antenatal visits (according to pdf SLHD GP ANSC Protocol (248 KB) ) please be mindful of when the routine hospital visits are arranged i.e. 20 weeks, 30 weeks and 37 weeks. There have been occasions where women have attended a visit with their ANSC GP in the morning, then attended the hospital clinic in the afternoon.

ANSC GPs are reminded that they are required to arrange all routine tests as per pdf SLHD GP ANSC Protocol (248 KB) .

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New GPs wishing to join the ANSC Program?

Do you have GPs in your practice wishing to join the GP ANSC with the RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Program?

The final orientation session for 2016 is scheduled for:

When:  Monday 21 November
Where: CESPHN Ashfield Office, Level 1, 158 Liverpool Rd
Time:   7 pm – 9 pm

If GPs wish to enrol to attend the session, please complete the pdf ANSC Registration Form (157 KB) and send through to CESPHN. Further program information access pdf ANSC Program Information – For GPs (589 KB)

ANSC Resource Pack

A desktop laminated copy of key resources is available upon request. The Pack includes the pdf ANSC Protocol (248 KB) , how to access eANSC resources, pdf guidelines for diagnostic process for hyperglycaemia in pregnancy (504 KB) , thyroid disease in pregnancy, antenatal and postnatal depression, pdf nausea and vomiting (36 KB) and key ANSC contacts.

If you would like a hard copy please email Karen Wheeler or call 9799 0933.

If you have any clinical questions, please contact Clare Jordan, GP Liaison Midwife on 0425 230 662.

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ANSC webpage update: Watch this space

We are currently reviewing and updating the ANSC page on the CESPHN website. The ANSC page covers content for all three ANSC program across the CESPHN i.e. RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury, Royal Hospital for Women and St George/Sutherland. It is one of the most viewed pages on the CESPHN website and with such large volume of content we hope to revise it to ensure that access is user friendly and content current.

Invitation to attend domestic and family violence video launch for Bangladeshi community

The Can Get Health in Canterbury Project together with Metro Assist (NSW), will be holding a 'Family Harmony' evening for the Bangladeshi community focussing on issues affecting family and child health. The evening will incorporate the launch of a new domestic and family violence awareness video called 'Just Reach Out', which has been specifically developed for the Bangladeshi community to address the high prevalence of domestic violence which often goes unnoticed within this community.

The video aims to promote discussion and raise awareness about domestic violence in the Bangladeshi community so that professionals and communities are able to develop appropriate strategies to deal with perpetrators, assist victims, and reduce domestic violence in the Bangladeshi community.

The evening will include a panel discussion involving a community paediatrician, Moo Baulch (Domestic Violence NSW) and White Ribbon Ambassador. Representatives from various support agencies across the area will be available with resources and further information

Event details

Date:  Wednesday, 9 November 2016
Time:  6pm-8pm
Place: Lakemba Senior Citizens Centre, Cnr of the Boulevarde and Croydon Street, Lakemba

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