My check in for surgery

A clinical redesign of pre-admission services at Canterbury Hospital has been underway throughout 2016. The goal of the project is to provide a high quality, streamlined and sustainable patient-centred approach to booked adult surgical services at Canterbury Hospital from completion of the Recommendation for Admission until the day of surgery.

The objectives are to improve the patient experience of care, reduce the time patients spend in the Pre-Admission Clinic, improve screening processes to reduce unnecessary (low risk) presentations to the Pre-Admission Clinic and reduce the number of patient related day of surgery cancellations by April 2017.

The project has involved extensive clinician and consumer consultation to review current processes as well as to identify issues and propose solutions.

Now in the implementation phase, there are number of solutions which will be introduced over the next 12 months. Solutions include improving communication between GPs and the hospital, between departments and with patients, improved risk screening and escalation processes and a review of the triage and booking process for Pre-Admission Clinics. The anticipated benefits will enhance patient as well as clinician experience, make processes more efficient and improve operating theatre utilisation.

For further information, please contact Judy McGlynn, Complex Care CNC on 9787 0254.