My Health Record System at Dr Doong's Practice

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN would like to congratulate Dr Doong, whose practice has the highest number of uploads to the My Health Record system in our region to date. Dr Doong’s practice has operated from a terrace house in Burwood for the past 33 years but due to real estate redevelopment, has recently moved to Enfield. The majority of the patients are older Indo-Chinese people. Dr Doong also has a focus on the LGBTIQ population and HIV medicine.

Dr Doong’s practice uses Best Practice software, having migrated from Medical Director just prior to the introduction of PCEHR, now known as My Health Record system.

Dr Doong’s practice was an early adopter of My Health Record. While being introduced to My Health Record through eHealth PIP, the clinical benefits were paramount. After learning about My Health Record system in 2013, Dr Doong and Shane Hewitt, who is both practice nurse and practice manager, organised ongoing educational visits from the eHealth team to find out more about the clinical benefits to their patients, particularly those living with chronic disease. My Health Record was then discussed at the practice meetings, with the clinicians receiving training in uploading shared health summaries and administration staff on assisted registrations.

The majority of patients were registered by the front desk staff. The general practitioners and Shane then reviewed the patient record at the consult and the shared health summary was uploaded. What helped was a “good news” story, which the practice used to promote My Health Record. A patient who was an early adopter was admitted on the weekend in a confused state to St Vincent’s hospital. The clinicians in the emergency department could access the patient’s My Health Record and retrieve the information that allowed timely care.

According to receptionist Maria only a handful of patients have opted not to register. The resources in languages other than English have been of great assistance.

Dr Doong’s practice is a teaching practice, taking on new registrars every six months. My Health Record education by the practice team is part of the teaching process and the registrars upload shared health summaries for the patients they have consultations with.

While the physical move to the new Enfield location might have its challenges, participation in the My Health Record system, has become business as usual for the practice and will not be affected. CESPHN would like to thank Dr Doong’s practice for sharing their story of My Health Record process adoption.