ANSC August Update: The Royal Hospital for Women

GPs can register now for the November GP Intake

The next GP intake session for the RHW ANSC program will be held on 12 November 2016, 10am - 12pm, prior to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Update. 

All GPs wishing to become affiliated with the RHW ANSC program are required to attend the intake. To register interest please email Belinda Ford or Julie Davis.

Reminder: Antenatal shared care CPD requirements

GPs are required to obtain at least 12 Category 2 points per triennium of approved antenatal training to maintain ANSC affiliation status. If you are unsure of your current point status, please email Belinda Ford or phone 9330 9938 and/or forward a copy of your RACGP QI&CPD credit statement, or evidence of attendance at RACGP approved pregnancy/post-natal related events and/or completion of online modules.

Access our Antenatal Shared Care Protocol online

A reminder that GPs can access the latest version of the RHW GP Shared Antenatal Care Protocol Summary online. The document is also available on the RHW website

Antenatal glucose testing

All women are to have a 75gGTT during pregnancy. Women at high risk of GDM are required to have screening in early pregnancy. Please refer to the comprehensive GDM screening guidelines, diagnosis and referral pdf flowchart (256 KB)  for risk factors.

ANSC women with GDM must be diet controlled with normal home blood glucose monitoring results. Please review results at every consultation and refer back to the diabetes centre and antenatal clinic for further review if not well controlled or patient is being managed with medication or insulin.

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Update: New yellow card

The yellow card has been updated to align with the most recent clinical guidance on screening, assessment and monitoring during pregnancy. This will be available soon. RHW will continue to provide yellow cards to patients in their booking packs.

Practices wishing to order additional yellow cards (free of charge, Code: NH612060) can do so via setting up an account directly with Stream solutions. Booking forms (Code: S0781) and Antenatal referral forms (Code: S0741) can also be ordered through Stream Solutions at a cost.

For patient’s, the antenatal referral form can be complete online 

RHW antenatal clinical placements

GPs who are affiliated with the Royal Hospital for Women Antenatal Shared Care Program are invited to register for antenatal clinical placements at RHW. Placements provide an opportunity for GPs to develop their clinical skills under the supervision of hospital specialists. Participating GPs will be credited 4 ANSC CPD points.

We still have places available for:

  • 21 September, 6:30pm - 8:30pm with Dr Coogan (one place remaining)
  • 19 October, 6:30pm - 8:30pm with Dr Leader

To register for a clinical placement, please email Belinda Ford or call 9330 9938.

Welcome to Keren David

CESPHN are pleased to announce that we have a new staff member Keren David starting late in August who will provide ongoing support to the RHW ANSC program. Keren can be reached via email or 8752 4967.

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