ANSC August Update: RPA Women and Babies/ Canterbury Hospital

  1. Flu season about: Influenza vaccination and pregnancy
  2. Interested in the opportunity for a clinical placement at RPA Women and Babies?
  3. Eligible MBS items to claim for attending antenatal shared care
  4. ANSC Program GP Educator
  5. Have you visited HealthPathways Sydney?
  6. What resources are available to assist in providing antenatal shared care?
  7. Are there GPs in your practice wishing to join the ANSC Program?
  8. SLHD PowerChart Maternity: new electronic medical record
  9. Canterbury Hospital: GDM reminder


Flu season about: Influenza vaccination and pregnancy

Influenza infection during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of complications for both mother and baby. Complications include respiratory illnesses which may require hospitalisation. Influenza vaccination during pregnancy protects pregnant women and their infants from influenza with vaccination significantly reducing respiratory illnesses in both the mothers and their infants in the first six months of life.

The safety of the influenza vaccination during pregnancy for both the mother and baby has been well established. Routine seasonal influenza vaccination can be given at any time during the pregnancy and is available free to pregnant women.

Pregnant women are more likely to receive the influenza vaccination during pregnancy if they receive a recommendation from a health care provider.

Visit the following websites for further information about pregnancy and influenza:

Interested in the opportunity for a clinical placement at RPA Women and Babies?

An opportunity exists for GPs to attend an antenatal clinic session to refresh your palpation and examination skills. To attend a clinical placement within a NSW hospital facility, you are required to have both a current Working with Children Clearance and Criminal Record Check.

If you currently hold these documents and wish to attend a placement, please email Karen Wheeler or call 8752 4906.

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Eligible MBS items to claim for attending antenatal shared care

Did you know that GPs providing antenatal care may claim the following MBS items?

Item No:  16500
Definition: Antenatal Attendance
Criteria:    This item can be billed throughout the pregnancy
MBS Fee: $47.15

Item No:  16591
Definition: Planning and management of pregnancy > 20 weeks where the care of the patient will be transferred to another medical practitioner for labour and delivery
Criteria:    Once per pregnancy that has progressed beyond 20 weeks
MBS Fee: $142.65

Item No:  4001
Definition: Non-directive pregnancy support counselling # eligible GPs only
Criteria:    >20 mins; 3 per pregnancy
MBS Fee: $75.10

# eligible GPs are those that have previously undertaken credentially requirement for provision of this service ie online non-directive counselling training provided by RACGP (GP Learning)

If you have any further questions regarding claiming these MBS items, please email Karen Wheeler or call 8752 4906.

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ANSC Program GP Educator

A new GP Educator role is being piloted within the RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury ANSC program to address identified educational needs of GPs and provide individual peer-to-peer advice to ensure appropriate standards are adhered to and patient outcomes are improved.

The GP Educator is endorsed by the ANSC Program Advisory Group together with RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospitals. They will work in conjunction with the GP Liaison Midwife to provide individual peer-to-peer advice regarding ANSC program protocols, relevant pathways, referral processes and systems to improve patient care.

The pilot will primarily involve three stages:

  1. Identification of individual educational need - GP Educator will approach the ANSC GP to arrange a visit to the practice
  2. Delivery of education/learning - GP Educator will visit practice to discuss particular up-skilling requirement
  3. Follow up and feedback - GP Educator will contact ANSC GP to discuss progression and provide feedback.

Have you visited HealthPathways Sydney?

Did you know that there are 26 clinical pathways relating to pregnancy and breastfeeding currently available on the HealthPathways Sydney site. The pathways include preconception assessment, hypertension and pre-eclampsia, hyperglycaemia in pregnancy, perinatal depression and anxiety and more.

HealthPathways is a web-based information portal supporting primary care clinicians to plan patient care through our primary, community and secondary health care systems. The HealthPathways Sydney site is designed to be used at the point of care, primarily by GPs but is also available to other specialists and health professionals within inner west Sydney.

Pregnancy-related pathways have featured in the top ten clinical pathways from July 2015 to June 2016.

  1. Antenatal – first consult
  2. Chronic hepatitis C
  3. Chronic hepatitis B
  4. New palliative care patient
  5. Iron deficiency anaemia
  6. Heat failure
  7. Hypertension
  8. Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy
  9. Preconception assessment
  10. Thyroid disease in pregnancy

The new ANSC GP Resource Manual is closely linked with the HealthPathways site. To directly access HealthPathways Sydney within the manual, you first need to login to the site.

Username: connected
Password: healthcare

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What resources are available to assist in providing antenatal shared care? 

To assist in participating in the RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury ANSC program, a number of resources are available to download from the ANSC page or through HealthPathways Sydney.
These include the ANSC GP Resource Manual, ANSC Protocol Guide and guidelines for hyperglycaemia screening and thyroid disease in pregnancy. A number of referral forms are available to download as templates into your clinical software.

Are there GPs in your practice wishing to join the ANSC Program?

Do you have GPs in your practice wishing to join the Antenatal Shared Care Program with RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury?

The next scheduled ANSC Orientation Sessions will be held:

When:  Monday 26 September and Monday 21 November
Where: CESPHN Offices- Level 1, 158 Liverpool Rd ASHFIELD
Time:   7:00 - 9:00pm

If GPs wish to enrol to attend the session, please complete the ANSC Registration Form located on the CESPHN website.

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SLHD PowerChart Maternity - new electronic medical record 

SLHD is planning to introduce PowerChart Maternity; a new electronic medical record (eMR) module from Cerner, to RPA and Canterbury Hospital Maternity Departments. Primarily a collaborative Implementation Planning Study (IPS) will ‘review’ the service, work processes and reporting requirements including data extraction for quality assurance and audit purposes. The aims of the IPS are to integrate workflows into the PowerChart Maternity solution specifically for SLHD Maternity Services.

An official “Kick Off” session to formally initiate the project will familiarise RPA and Canterbury Maternity stakeholders with the Maternity IPS, reviewing the vision, objectives, approach, schedule and outcomes. Participants should leave the session with an understanding of what to expect and prepared to attend and contribute to the following detailed workshops.

GPs are invited the Kick Off session on Tuesday 13 September and the Solution Assessment and Technical Information Workshop on Monday 19 September ( 8.45am-10.30am ). Cerner will demonstrate the solution from pregnancy beginning to discharge of the postnatal mother and baby. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions.

Canterbury Hospital: GDM reminder

Canterbury Hospital’s “Too long to wait” project aims to improve the rate at which GPs arrange the early GTTs for women deemed to be at increased risk for GDM, and to improve the uptake rate of postnatal GTT for relevant women.

GPs are reminded to arrange an early 75 GTT for women at an increased risk for GDM. Please refer to the SLHD Diagnostic Process for Hyperglycamia in Pregnancy for screening criteria and references ranges for diagnosis. Additional information is available via HealthPathways Sydney Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy pathway.

For women requiring referral to the Maternity Endocrine Clinic, please complete the Canterbury Hospital Maternity Endocrine Clinic Referral Form and note whether the woman has already attended the antenatal clinic i.e formally booked into the hospital. This referral form is also available as a template for your clinical software.

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