SESLHD is developing a new hepatitis C eReferral system

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District is trialling a new way for GPs and primary care providers to communicate with tertiary viral hepatitis services. The PRISM (Patient Referral and Intelligent Service Matching) system aims to ensure that GPs can refer patients requiring specialist hepatitis C management to the service most appropriate for their individual needs and preferences. PRISM also provides an electronic consultation pathway from GPs to tertiary specialists.

PRISM is a cloud-based software program that can be integrated with electronic patient management systems such as Medical Director and Best Practice.

To help tailor PRISM to the needs of primary care providers, SESLHD is recruiting GPs interested in hepatitis C to use PRISM when making referrals to, and consulting with, tertiary clinics. Scheduled to begin in August, the trial will run for three months. Results will help determine whether to rollout PRISM more widely across primary care practices located within the SESLHD region.


PRISM aims to:

  • streamline patient flow across different care settings
  • reduce the time clinicians spend managing referrals
  • enhance communication between clinicians
  • improve patient outcomes.

PRISM will provide access to:

  • clear clinical pathways to ensure your referrals are sent to the most appropriate service
  • a searchable catalogue of clinical and community-based services
  • dynamic electronic forms that guide you through the referral requirements
  • streamlined handover of patient care
  • faster outcomes requiring less manual follow up
  • shared, real-time access to complete patient referral information and information about services (e.g. average wait list times)
  • informed choices for both patients and clinicians

What will the trial entail?

During the trial, you will be supported to send electronic referrals and consultation forms to tertiary services. Your feedback will inform the evaluation.

How much time will it take?

We plan to provide you training and go live in August. A few hours over several weeks will be required, for which you will be reimbursed. We aim to minimise the burden on your time, and will accommodate your clinical caseload.

For more information, or to participate, contact Dr Libby Topp on 9382 8615 or email