Psychological Support Service (PSS) referral form templates for Medical Director and Best Practice have been Updated


In response to feedback regarding the PSS referral form, we have updated the templates for Medical Director and Best Practice for all practices using HealthLink.

Updating your software will:


1. Decrease further information requests from CESPHN
2. Satisfy Medicare billing and client safety and risk.
3. Ensure all mandated information is collected to satisfy the Dept of Health requirements

If you are to continue using HealthLink to send CEPSHN referrals, please update your medical software using these new forms and instruction manuals available at this link GP Referral Forms.

Please note, there are no changes to the referral pathways or online referring. Online referrals are still the preferred option.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CESPHN Mental health team on 1300 170 554 for any support.


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